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Matrimol S.A.S.

MATRIMOL SAS is a Colombian company, established since 1978 in Bogota, dedicated to the manufacture of electric insulators in epoxy resin, in a very wide range of forms, voltages and applications. We have 30 years of experience and a technology that allows us to offer our customers products that meet stringent national and international standards of quality (IEEC60273, NTC 4866 and RETIE)
In addition to our standard product line, special design manufacture insulators from models or drawings provided by our customers.

Tradition of Quality since 1.978

What makes us different ?

MATRIMOL SAS is the only Colombian company that has the technology to meet the needs of manufacturing of insulating material of special design, manufacturing the required molds at very low costs, which can often save valuable equipment by replacing damaged insulators.

We can develop all kinds of insulators from flat or damaged models supplied by the customer.

We design and manufacture the insulators that best serve your projects.

Quality Policy

1. Making electrical insulators in epoxy following national and international standards of quality, meeting the requirements of our customers, statutory and regulatory requirements, feeding the quality management system based on continuous improvement of efficiency and satisfaction client.

2. Being in continuous process of opening new markets and expanding existing holding, taking into account the needs of customers.

3. Encourage personal responsibility, authority and teamwork making each participant member of the company's development and stability of the company, depending on the quality management system that provides a technical and human support to our customers.


Matrimol S.A.S.
N.I.T: 860.068.281-6
Phone: +57 (1) 6724324
Address: Cra. 20 N° 166-24. Bogotá., Colombia.

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